High Performance Fastener Inspection & Sorting Systems

No Downtime, Zero Defects.

LinearGS inspection and sorting machines utilize multiple area scan inspections and can incorporate unique sensors, per your application needs. Independent vision and sensor tests simplify part configuration and troubleshooting.


Easy Part Setup

Custom designed software which makes it easy to build, store and retrieve parts.

100% Sorting

Unlike most inspection systems, LinearGS equipment ejects the good parts which prevents contamination.


Select from a wide range of components to build a system to meet your specific needs.

Easy to Setup, Run, and Maintain.

LinearGS backs every machine sold and provides timely maintenance and service options

Remote & On-Site

Linear GS technicians can provide remote, custom inspection set-up support and customer assistance via Internet connection or in person if necessary.

Online Part Ordering

We provide an online database of maintenance and upgrade parts for each machine sold so that you can keep running with no downtime.

Product Lineup

Linear GS offers four series of high-speed, state-of-the-art, vision inspection machines created to provide the rapid, reliable results you need in order to meet the quality demands of today’s manufacturing industry. These machines don’t require part fixtures, so changeovers are easy.