LinearGS (LGS) strives to create functional long-lasting products which exceed customer expectations and provide a rapid ROI. Whether you are looking for vibratory feeder bowls, hoppers, visual inspection machines, noise reduction containment units, or custom automation equipment; LGS has the knowledge and expertise to design and build equipment to meet your company’s needs.   

With a focus on quality, LGS products are built by some of the best tradesman in the industry utilizing premium materials and manufacturing techniques. Pride in craftsmanship is what helps to set LGS machines and equipment apart from the rest.  

Aside from quality craftsmanship and durability, LGS provides superior service. During the build process the LGS team will work very closely with you to ensure they are building the machine that you expect.   

Before and after the sale, they ensure that the client’s needs are being met and exceeded. 

Why choose LinearGS for your automation needs?


LGS designs & builds the fastest inspection and sorting equipment in the industry at up to 1000ppm.


LGS provides a full service experience from design, build, install and service after the sale, ensuring your satisfaction.


LGS offers a wide selection of standard feeder & inspection systems, and also offers full custom design / build equipment to suit specific needs.


A feeder bowl built by LGS is built to take a beating and are known to have little to no maintenance.