Service and Repairs

LinearGS has the capability to service, repair, and optimize your feed system effectively and efficiently. Over time, fastener feeder bowls wear down and become less efficient. Fastener throughput rates decline, leading to lost production and lower revenue. Linear GS can resolve this issue by providing expert tuning and repairing of your feeder bowl systems.


Feeder Bowl Repairs

Standard repairs include:
  • Drive Unit Tune-ups

    We’ll determine whether your system is under-tuned or over-tuned and make coil gap modifications and replace springs, as needed.

  • Coil Replacement

    We’ll check your coils and if any have burned out, we’ll install new ones.

  • Fractures, Dents, Cracks

    Over time, vibration can cause welds to fail, cracks to develop, or depression areas to form. We will carefully examine your feed system for physical flaws and conduct weld repairs.