LV Series Sorting Equipment

LV (Linear Vision): Single flat belt conveyor inspection machine US/CE Compliant.

Model 1000 – 4000: Standard, Non-Telecentric lens, 4 camera limit, Camera quantity (1000 = 1 camera)

  • Description

    Product Description

    Product Type: Ferrous and Non-Ferrous base fasteners; Nuts, Weldnuts, Rivnuts, Washers, Clips, Non-Collared Studs and Headed bolts depending on stability. Production Rate: 250 to 500ppm (Nuts), 500 to 1000ppm (Rivnuts). Vision Field of View (FOV): 32mm Horizontal x 95mm Vertical

    Inspection Machine Capabilities

    Camera 1:

    Top down view with adjustable iris back lighting (32mm FOV), Resolution .00062″

    Perimeter and open burst cracks, open cracks visible at OD, in silhouette view of part, part standing on head viewed down • Diameter; min/max/avg • Ovality/Roundness of head OD • Hex(no flange) min/max diameter • Bearing surface defects • Burrs • Weld nibs

    Camera 2:

    Side view with backlight (32mm x 95mm FOV), Resolution .0014″

    Length • Head Height • Shank Length • Shoulder Diameter, min/max/avg/angle and variance • Point (Pilot) attributes • Threads: Major diameter, Major Variance, Minor diameter, Maximum, Average, Thread Match, % Pattern detection of filled or missing threads

    Camera 3 @ 90°:

    Side view with backlight (32mm x 95mm FOV), Resolution .0014″

    Turned Head; Side view comparison and average of hex head width

    Bolt straightness, features of bolt can affect reading

    Camera 4 @ 30°:

    Top angle view with front light (20mm FOV). Resolution >.0005

    Nut Threads; Presence

    Inspection Machine Add-ons

    Linear GS feeder bowl sound enclosure
    Feed System Options: Includes heavy duty adjustable base on all systems
    • 21″ Drive, Vibratory stainless steel tooled bowl for smaller size fasteners
    • 24″ Drive, Vibratory stainless steel tooled bowl for medium size fasteners
    • 30″ Drive, Vibratory stainless steel tooled bowl for large size fasteners
    • Custom sound enclosure available with easy access for feed system tooling change over
    LinearGS Large Hopper
    Bulk Material Handling Options: Includes heavy duty internally lined hoppers
    • 3ftᵌ Hopper mounted to bowl table for smaller size fasteners
    • 10 ftᵌ and 12ftᵌ Hopper, Floor style loader with lift-up conveyor and variable speed motor for smaller to medium size fasteners
    • 19ftᵌ Hopper, High Flow, Tub dump style loader for medium to large size fasteners
    • Dust collection units available for inspection machine and material handling components
    Packaging for Inspected product: Includes Boxing and Top Sealing Options
    • 1/4 Keg box, 5 unit packaging system with storage conveyor
    • 1/4 Keg box, 10 unit packaging system with storage conveyor
    • 1/4 keg box, Automatic top fold and tape sealer
    Custom Optics: Telecentric Lens / Lighting and High Resolution Camera Options
    • Cameras, 1 to 25 mega pixel
    • Precision telecentric lens with custom FOV available for enhanced accuracy