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High Speed Inspection & Sorting Systems

LinearGS has a proven history of creating cutting edge, reliable inspection and sorting equipment for a variety of industries. Designed with a unique handling system which prevents part contamination, the LV, LVD, LM, and XLT series can achieve some of the fastest fastener sorting rates in the industry.

On-Site Support and Maintenance

Properly servicing feed and inspection systems takes years of dedication and hands on experience. Unless employees at your facility are specialized in those specific fields, it is quite likely your equipment is not optimized for best rates and is costing your company money. That’s why we dedicated team of technicians, outfitted them with a wide array of equipment and assigned them a singular task; to assist you with on-site system maintenance. Rely on us as needed to gain the most from your production while your existing workforce functions as usual.

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Feed System Manufacturing

LinearGS designs and builds feed systems for a variety of part sizes and part configurations. Each unit is custom designed to meet the specific needs of a customer. We offer turn key bulk hoppers, feeder bowls, inline tracks, dead nests, escapements, control packages machine plates, custom fabricated machine bases and more.

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LinearGS works in tune with your company’s specific needs to improve productivity and profit through the engineering and manufacture of custom solutions. Although primarily focused on building the best fastener sorting equipment in the world, our technical expertise extends much further and can be harnessed to assist your company on a system integration or automation program.

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LinearGS Inspection Equipment

Positive Return on Investment

It is imperative in business to achieve an optimum return on investment. No one understands this better than Linear GS. That is why our mission is to provide customers with the best solutions in automation, inspection, and system integration that result in the highest ROI possible. Give us a call to find out how we can assist you on your next project.


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