Maintenance & Refurbishing

After years of use, sorting equipment can take a beating. With that wear & tear, comes loss of performance, resulting in lost time and profitability. Bring your sorting equipment back up to speed with an LGS tune-up. LinearGS can maintain and refurbish any sorting equipment, whether it was built by them or not.

Increased performance

Increased profits

Better bottom line

Maintenance & Refurbishing Feeder System
system integrations

System Integration

The best solution to match your needs and ROI may be to retrofit your current system. By adding inspection and sorting into an existing line you can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars while maintaining existing quality.

Customized Solutions

Rapid Prototyping

Continual Improvement


Linear GS is a leader in customizing applications from rudimentary to the extremely complex. Whether fully or semi-automatic processes are needed, Linear GS can provide the solution. We build and design custom automation and turn key processing equipment. Linear GS works directly with each customer to address their specific needs for development and manufacture automation with reliability as well as flexibility.

fully or semi-automatic processes for inspection systems
3D Printing & Prototyping

3D Printing & Prototyping

Our 3D printing capabilities are like few in the industry. Our printer uses a patent pending process to quickly create 3D printed parts that are as strong as metal, without the weight, giving you durable prototype parts and the flexibility of short order manufacturing.