Vibratory Feeder Bowls

DURABLE feeder bowls that CAN TAKE A BEATING

Linear GS (LGS) designs and manufactures some of the best vibratory bowl feeders available in the industry.

When it comes to part material handling, bulk feeding or custom automation for complex (difficult) part placement, LGS is the leader in world class part delivery systems. Our systems are used globally in the Aerospace & Automotive Fastener industry to feed nuts, bolts, washers and clips. LGS also manufactures component delivery automation solutions for Robotic, Medical, Food Grade and Ammunition applications that require specific soft handling component delivery systems.

Our standard variety of bowl sizes along with inline vibratory tracks and end escapements offer precise part placement in compact areas. LGS’ superior standard design feeder bowls are in-stock and available for immediate customer delivery. Other products offered by LGS include; standard and custom sound enclosures that are adaptable to dust collection systems and are easily accessible for part changeover set-up. Bulk feed hoppers ranging from 1 CF to 19 CF that provide precise metering of parts to feed delivery systems. LGS can also provide custom gravity tracks and part metering wheels to regulate part spacing and many other designs that assist in final part delivery.

LGS is known globally for our excellent customer support, service and design capabilities with experienced bowl fabrication specialists on staff. We offer spare parts and repair services for other vibratory bowl manufactures systems as well.

LinearGS Large Hopper

Why choose LinearGS for your automation needs?


LGS designs & builds the fastest inspection and sorting equipment in the industry at up to 1000ppm.


LGS provides a full service experience from design, build, install and service after the sale, ensuring your satisfaction.


LGS offers a wide selection of standard feeder & inspection systems, and also offers full custom design / build equipment to suit specific needs.


A feeder bowl built by LGS is built to take a beating and have been known to process millions of parts before needing major renovations.

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