Protective Impact Cone for Feeder Bowls


Feeder bowls take a ton of abuse during the course of a regular daily shift; month after month, year after year. Hundreds of pounds of metal parts being dumped in and then vibrated around until they reach their intended destination. The wear on a feeder bowl is incredible and inevitable, UNLESS you PROTECT it.

A patent-pending feeder bowl cone by LGS will help prolong the life of your feeder bowl, giving you many more productive years out of your investment. In addition to protecting the bowl as parts are being loaded, the cone shape helps to dispense the parts to the outside of the bowl, making the feeding process more efficient.

LGS feeder bowl cone
LGS bowl with cone


LGS 18 inch impact cone

18″ Impact Cone

LGS 21-24 inch impact cone

21″ Impact Cone

LGS 21-24 inch impact cone

24″ Impact Cone

LGS 30 inch impact cone

30″ Impact Cone

LGS 36 inch impact cone

36″ Impact Cone

Why choose a LinearGS impact cone?


The LGS Feeder Bowl Cone takes a beating so your feeder bowl doesn’t. Not only is it meant to protect the bowl, but it’s made from a tough proprietary material giving it a strength and durability that is tough to beat.


The Feeder Bowl Cone will protect the bottom of the feeder bowl saving you more frequent repair cost and lost revenue due to downtime,  and will extend the life of the bowl itself.


The Feeder Bowl Cone will protect the bottom of the feeder bowl, but in addition to that, the cone will dispense the parts to the side of the bowl allowing vibration and gravity to move the parts to the intended destination more efficiently.

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